Mike Outram

816127_300x300Mike Outram is one of the UK’s foremost guitarists who is sought after as an improviser and for his ability to contribute a unique voice to any musical ensemble.

He has toured internationally with Herbie Mann, Carleen Anderson, Tim Garland and Theo Travis; has recorded with Steven Wilson, Nikki Iles, Gareth Lockrane, Martin Speake, and Steve Lawson; and is Guitar Professor at Trinity College, The Royal Academy, & The Guildhall, London.

The Guardian

‘There is no musician with such complete control of the sounds coming out of a guitar. It’s a sound of great beauty.’
Seb Scotney, London Jazz


Listen to more music here: music.mikeoutram.com

Find out more about Mike here: www.mikeoutram.com

He also runs a guitar/improvisation lessons site here: www.electriccampfire.com