Mike Outram

Mike Outram

Mike Outram is one of the UK’s foremost guitarists who is sought after as an improviser and for his ability to contribute a unique voice to any musical ensemble.

He has toured internationally with Carleen Anderson, Tim Garland and Theo Travis; has recorded with Steven Wilson, Herbie Mann, Hadrian Feraud, Nikki Iles, Gareth Lockrane, Martin Speake, and Steve Lawson. He is Guitar Professor at The Royal Academy of Music, The Guildhall, and TrinityLaban, London, and is the founder of Electric Campfire – an online learning community for jazz guitarists.

The Guardian

‘There is no musician with such complete control of the sounds coming out of a guitar. It’s a sound of great beauty.’
Seb Scotney, London Jazz


Listen to more music here: music.mikeoutram.com

Find out more about Mike here: www.mikeoutram.com

Mike’s guitar/improvisation lessons site here: www.electriccampfire.com